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Marc is scheduled to teach Oil Painting I, II, and III this spring.  Classes are currently underway, but you can still join the class in progress.  If you would like information on class availability and registration, please contact us.



Oil Painting Classes

All classes are set up to provide the student with the tools needed to successfully paint in oil via lecture and demonstration.  The classes are of an “open” design, where the students may paint any subject matter they desire. 

The skills and techniques covered will allow the student to paint any subject, including landscape, still life, and figure. Where possible and appropriate, a still life and/or model will be set up so the student has an opportunity to execute the new skill or technique under the instructor’s guidance.  Near the conclusion of each class, the students participate in a discussion of their works.

Oil Painting I

Basic Materials, Measurement

Value – Study in Monochrome part 1

Composition – Study in Monochrome part 2

Color Mixing – Study in Color

Low Key and High Key Color

Blending and Dry Brushing

Glazing and Impasto

Supports and Grounds


Oil Painting II

Measurement, Value, Composition, Edges – a review

Advance Materials Grounds

Painting in Lines (drafting)

Painting in Mass

Alla Prima

Painting in Layers – fat over lean, thick over thin

Dynamic Painting, Part 1: Strokes

Dynamic Painting, Part 2: Light


Oil Painting III

Advanced Materials – Paint Composition and Manufacturing, Brush Construction, the Dynamics of Paint Drying

Mediums – types and impact on the stability of the painting

Canvas Types – Paint the same subject on course, medium, and tight weave

Ground and Palette Colors, Part 1: Corresponding Colors: White, Brown, Gray

Ground and Palette Colors, Part 2: Mixed Colors

Ground and Palette Colors, Part 3: Mixed Colors

Canvas Preparation: Stretching, Sizing, Priming


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