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Kasandre (Kasey)


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The Dancer


I took digital photographs of Kasey and chose 3 different poses.  I then shot over 120 photographs, of which several were used as a composite for this portrait.



After the photography session, I painted a color study from life to ensure faithful skin tones and clothing color.  Photographs are often incorrect in their color reproduction and can not be used as a basis for the colors in the painting.


I began the portrait with a toned canvas and sketched Kasey based on the photographs.



I started blocking in the darks, and then followed with the mid-tones.  To see a more detailed, step-by-step description of this process, click on "Roger on the Easel."



I then started placing lights and blocking in the background.  I also changed to chair to a solid-back.



My wife, Janet, did not like the chair or the background.  So after discussions with her, I used Photoshop© to change the color of the background to gray and the chair to burgundy leather per her specifications.  You can see the Photoshop© mock-up on the left and the original on the right.



After agreeing with her, I made the suggested changes to the canvas.




Kasandre (Kasey) - In Progress

Oil on Canvas

36" X 24"


At this stage, the rough-in is finished, and I'll start the process over again, re-stating the darks, mid-tones, and lights.  I'll also make adjustments to her skin tones and clothes based on the color studies.



Kasandre (Kasey)

Oil on Canvas

36" X 24"


Here's the finished portrait.  When I went back to the color studies for her blouse, I found that it was actually very vibrant, not the light pink as in the photographs (another reason life studies are very important for color!)


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