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Welcome to my website!

Portraiture has a long and distinguished history. Often these works were created as homage to important political, religious, and business leaders, as well as beloved family members. This practice continues today, and I feel privileged to be a part of this tradition.

I believe that portraiture represents the most demanding challenge for an artist. If the portrait is executed well, it results in a piece of fine art that not only reflects the view of the artist but creates a personal link between the viewer and the subject. I always strive to make each portrait my best and endeavor to bring pleasure and satisfaction to the subject and audience.

Often, my subjects feel that the portraits not only succeed in rendering a "likeness" but also reflect their personality. How this occurs, I'm not sure since I've only spent a handful of hours with the subject. But I take pride in such a satisfying compliment as few things bring greater joy to an artist than praise for his work.

Aware of the busy schedules of company executives, I try to ensure that arrangements are made to impact the subject as little as possible. I typically take reference photos and create quick color references to work from in lieu of lengthy sittings.

I hope that you enjoy my work and if there is anything I may do for you, please feel free to contact me.


Marc J. Surrency




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