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Most commissioned works of art are to fulfill a need.  The need may be to express a concept or idea,  record an event or place in history, capture the personality of a loved one, or as homage to person of respect.  It's my responsibility to ensure that I understand your need and create a work that will fulfill it.  Communication is essential, so the process is a partnership between you and me.

The commissioning process starts with you, the client, contacting me  to schedule an appointment at your home or office.  During the initial appointment, we can discuss what  your needs are and what type of artwork you've envisioned.  It is also preferable to see the place in which the painting is to be placed so that we can ensure that the scale, color, and demeanor ( formal or relaxed, loose or tight) is appropriate for the paintings surroundings'.

If the painting is a portrait, we will also discuss clothing, backgrounds, poses, lighting, etc. Additionally, I will bring examples of other portraits and discuss what you like or don't like about the various paintings.  I may also render "thumb-nail" sketches of various compositions and color schemes so that you can more easily visualize ideas during our discussion. After you have settled on the design of the painting, we will schedule either a photo session or a series of sittings or a combination of both.  I find that a combination of working from life with reference shots is the best use of time for everyone.

I look forward to working with you!

Marc Surrency

 Surrency Studios


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